DRESSING THE SKELETON: The Actual Writing (Step 3 of the STS Process)

You have created your skeleton, giving you a roadmap for your writing journey.  And now comes what can be the most daunting element of all: the actual writing.

However, having taken the time to prepare a skeleton means that what you will be writing about is now much more firmly and clearly mentally-ingrained in your head.  It also give you a structure that allows you execute your writing efficiently and effectively.

In Episode 3: Get Writing and Keep Going, I share my recommendations for the best way to proceed with your writing.  I advise that you

    • Scan the topic/sub-topic bones of the skeleton. Are there any bones in particular where you feel you are particularly clear or enthusiastic about what you want to say?  Start there and fill in that bone.  Even if it is a small bone, amounting to just a few sentences, it doesn’t matter: you’ve now started and you’ve gotten the basis for that bone done.
    • Don’t worry about the words and sentences being perfect. Keep reminding yourself: This is a Draft!  It’s more important to get the ideas out—the heavy lifting part of the process—and then tidy everything up after rather than having to pressure yourself in to having it all come out perfectly the first time.
    • Keep the words moving by then jumping to the next bones in the skeleton that come easiest to you.
    • Continue filling in the bones until complete. As your skeleton starts to fill up as you begin by completing the easiest bones, you may find that some of the bones that had initially been more difficult or unclear to you will now be easier to write about as you will have spent time developing content and deepening your understanding of the over-arching themes and topics which will bring you greater clarity on the sub-topic.
    • Complete the Introduction or beginning last. It sets the tone or acts as an abstract of what is to come.  Composing that will be infinitely easier once you know exactly what the body of the writing contains along with the final points it makes or focus/foci it has.
    • Always (and Again) Remember: This is a Draft! This is a Draft! Focus on capturing the ideas at this stage, not about polishing them.

For more on filling in your skeleton, watch EPISODE 3, GET WRITING & KEEP GOING: How to Unblock & Get the Words Flowing.

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