SKELETONS TELL STORIES: Efficient and Effective Writing Strategies

Welcome to the Official Launch of the Skeletons Tell Stories (STS): Efficient and Effective Writing Strategies program.  This course will coach you on how to organize and focus your thoughts, allowing you to successfully complete your writing goals by creating a skeleton.

The STS course not only teaches you how to identify and then structure the key points you need to be writing about, it also shows you how to execute the actual writing itself.  The STS process allows you to stay calm and on track by keeping things simplified and streamlined.

Through STS, I share my methods on how to organize your ideas and then apply them to successful writing strategies.  This will ensure that your thoughts are clear, allowing you to de-stress and focus on efficiently creating effective content.

The way to do this is through building a skeleton: an ordered structure of topic bones. The skeleton acts as a roadmap that outlines your journey, guiding and keeping your writing on course. It will help you get started and keep the words moving until you have successfully completed whatever project you are working on. Continue reading “SKELETONS TELL STORIES: Efficient and Effective Writing Strategies”