SKELETONS TELL STORIES: Efficient and Effective Writing Strategies

Welcome to the Official Launch of the Skeletons Tell Stories (STS): Efficient and Effective Writing Strategies program.  This course will coach you on how to organize and focus your thoughts, allowing you to successfully complete your writing goals by creating a skeleton.

The STS course not only teaches you how to identify and then structure the key points you need to be writing about, it also shows you how to execute the actual writing itself.  The STS process allows you to stay calm and on track by keeping things simplified and streamlined.

Through STS, I share my methods on how to organize your ideas and then apply them to successful writing strategies.  This will ensure that your thoughts are clear, allowing you to de-stress and focus on efficiently creating effective content.

The way to do this is through building a skeleton: an ordered structure of topic bones. The skeleton acts as a roadmap that outlines your journey, guiding and keeping your writing on course. It will help you get started and keep the words moving until you have successfully completed whatever project you are working on.

The program demonstrates how to identify and classify all the pertinent bones into a cohesive skeleton, followed by best practices on how to fill those bones in methodically and productively.

STS shares with you solutions and strategies via Tips and Tricks regarding topic clustering, textual and visual editing, writer’s block, finishing considerations, and much more.

Stay tuned for the announcement of a launch webinar that I will be hosting soon that will present a basic overview of my STS approach.

Also check out the series of short, related videos here on the site and our YouTube channel.  Each introduces a topic vector that I explore and expand upon in a more in-depth manner with STS.  These videos can be seen as the “Coles Notes/PowerPoint bullets” for the accompanying in-class course.

Whether you’re writing essays, newsletters, fiction, or business reports, and whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, technical writer or author, the STS program can help you make your writing experience a more organized, productive, and positive one.

I am offering this as an online three-hour course to postsecondary, specialty, and businesses schools as well as personalized tutoring services as well.

Get writing and keep the words moving.

Click here to view a PDF version of the Skeletons Tell Stories PowerPoint presentation deck for the course.



STS is a half-day Zoom course but can be easily scaled or adjusted to accommodate specific client needs.

I also offer customized personal writing strategy tutoring services.

      • $99 per student
      • $75 per student for groups of three or more
      • $40 per hour for follow-up or personal strategy counselling

All Prices + GST/HST if applicable.

Payments can be made through our PayPal account or by Certified Cheque.


Brent Wootton, Founder


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