DRESSING THE SKELETON: The Actual Writing (Step 3 of the STS Process)

by Brent Wootton

You have created your skeleton, giving you a roadmap for your writing journey.  And now comes what can be the most daunting element of all: the actual writing.

However, having taken the time to prepare a skeleton means that what you will be writing about is now much more firmly and clearly mentally-ingrained in your head.  It also give you a structure that allows you execute your writing efficiently and effectively.

In Episode 7: Get Writing and Keep Going, I share my recommendations for the best way to proceed with your writing.  I advise that you Continue reading


SKELETON STRUCTURE EXAMPLES: Knowing What Is Right for Your Writing

by Brent Wootton

In Episode 2: Building Your Story Skeleton, I discuss setting up a pertinent skeleton structure for your writing: an overriding skeleton frame for the bones to be added and arranged within.  But what constitutes a “pertinent skeleton structure” depends on the type of writing you are going to be doing.

Here are three easy and common examples of skeleton structures to demonstrate what I am talking about, and what needs to be considered in creating each of these structures. Continue reading


THE INFO DUMP: Step 1 in Creating Your Story Skeleton

by Brent Wootton

In Episode 1, THE STORY SKELETON: How To Organize Your Ideas & Get Writing, I discuss the importance and usefulness of creating a story skeleton by identifying, categorizing, and then organizing ideas.  The resulting skeleton roadmap keeps you on course and helps to minimize blocks and anxiety.  Having that surety going forward lets you focus on efficiently creating effective content.

The first step in the skeleton creation process is the Info Dump: identifying every important aspect that you will need to include in what you are planning on writing.

Randomly list every aspect and topic that you feel needs to be part of the writing project. Just throw out and write down everything you feel needs to be included without worrying about ordering your ideas at this point.

Information that you should consider listing includes: Continue reading